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What people are saying about us

"On behalf of the Hollywood Women's Club thank you for helping promote our Flocking Promotion. Many who have called the Flocking Hotline said the had read about it in the Gazette. Thank you, and thank you for all you do for us."

-Carol Fitzgerald
"When I started my business, I knew I had to make smart choices on where to spend my advertising dollars because I know it takes money to make money. The Hollywood Gazette has always been my source for what’s happening in the community, so it made sense to check them out.

Based on a rate comparison, I calculated that if one person sees my ad in the Gazette and uses my services, I will make a profit. If two or more people use my services after seeing my ad – it pays for itself and I make a profit. After 3 years of advertising with the Gazette, I continue to get calls from people saying, “I’m looking at your ad in the Gazette and….”

Prospective customers have come into my studio with the Gazette in hand inquiring about my services. When registering new customers, the top three results of what led them to my business include a referral, the internet and Hollywood Gazette. Advertising with the Hollywood Gazette has been a smart choice for me."

- Kyle Harris Owner, Harris Art Studio
"I just got a call from someone who saw me listed as Hollywood's Best Entertainment Service in the Hollywood Gazette, asking about having me DJ her son's Bar Mitzvah. So, first things first: People read the Gazette and it's a great place to reach our local market. But the other cool part is that if I get the gig, it will be my first time DJing a child celebrity's bar mitzvah."

- Avi Frier, Eventainment

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