Development plans for Sunset Golf Course have Hollywood neighbors teed off; next meeting set for March 13

On Monday, March 13th at 1:30 p.m. the new owner of Sunset Golf Course will meet with City staff at City Hall on the second floor to discuss his intentions to develop Sunset Golf Course. It is a public meeting. The fate of the Sunset Golf Course has long been debated in the City of […]

Hollywood Commission agrees to a resolution to discourage smoking at the beach and parks

City maintenance crews pick up nearly 40 pounds of cigarette butts every month from Hollywood Beach. The Hollywood Commission and local environmentalists would prefer that people not smoke at these locations, but under current state law, only the Florida legislature can ban smoking in public places. Rather than a ban on smoking, the Commission agreed to a resolution to […]

Hollywood to retrofit fueling facility

The City of Hollywood is working toward having more environmentally friendly fuel for its vehicles. During a recent meeting, the Commission agreed to a contract between the City and Protec Fuel Management to retrofit the City’s central fueling facility to accommodate dispensing environmentally green, ethanol-based E-85 flex fuel and to purchase E-85 flex fuel at […]

Hollywood wins Broward Water Partnership Community Engagement Challenge

In April and May, residents in participating Broward Water Partnership communities worked hard to save water and tell others how they did it. The Neighborhood Water Challenge got people focused on water conservation in its many forms including reuse, retrofitting and replacement of old, inefficient appliances. The Challenge had two categories. One where participants could […]