16 Pets Adopted at Petpolooza at Arts Park Event Jan. 12

Nathan and Giuliana Whitney own two dogs and care about them. They also want to see other dogs in the community who need a home find a loving owner. They were among a large group of people who participated in the Petpolooza at Arts Park on January 12.

“I love our two dogs; they give unconditional love,” said Nathan. “We’ve had many good times with our dogs.”

There were various pet and animal advocacy organizations at Petpalooza. Beverly Lewis Fifield, the organizer of Petpalooza said, “Animals are my passion and I want to find homes for animals,” she said.

Lewis Fifield was happy with the event. “It was a very successful adoption event and by the end of the day, we had 16 pet adoptions. I am so happy that animals that are usually overlooked were adopted today and that is the whole reason for me putting together this adoption event,” she said.

Members of the Hollywood Animal Rescue Team (H.A.R.T.) were present. They are looking for a home so they provide care for more animals that need homes. They are also involved in trapping and spaying feral cats. “We want to care for animals that need homes. If we find a stray animal, we try to find the owner. Or we try to find a new home for the animal. We are also looking for a home for our organization,” said Susan Hart a leader in the organization.

The event was pleasant and fun. The weather was nice and people enjoyed spending time with friends and pets.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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