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Hollywood is developing a reputation as a place where television shows and movies are made. It offers many beautiful locations, hotels, local crews, vendors and one stop permitting.

When portions of films are shot in Hollywood, there is a positive economic impact as many are able to gain employment in the film industry. “When filming is done here, it gets the name of Hollywood out there and exposes people to the City,” said Joann Hussey, spokesperson for Hollywood.

Recently, a film starring James Belushi, Virginia Madsen, and Gloria Estefan was shooting in Hollywood. The working title of the film is called “A Change of Heart.” Belushi plays a grumpy curmudgeon who needs a heart transplant. Once he receives the heart transplant, his life changes in unexpected ways. This film is still in production.

TNT Network selected Hollywood as the location to shoot an unscripted series “Wake U Call” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “Wake Up Call” features Johnson lending a helping hand to everyday people who are facing enormous challenge in their lives. Residents are encouraged to look for an appearance by Hollywood Fire Rescue & Beach Safety Lieutenant Diana Deabreu.

FX Network shot their television pilot “Hoke” in the Park East neighborhood of Hollywood. “Hoke” is a dark comedy-drama starring Paul Giamatti, and is based on former Miami Herald book reviewer Charles Willeford’s series of novels. If the series is picked up it will feature Giamatti as a homicide detective in what is being described as “pre-chic Miami” in 1985.

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David Volz
David Volz has been a reporter for Hollywood Gazette since 2011 and has worked for numerous community news publications throughout South Florida over the past two decades including the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald and South Florida Business Journal. He is a Professor in the Business department at Broward College and the editor of the Coral Springs Connection, an online community news website. He covers city government, schools, sports events, cultural activities, faith groups and workplaces.


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