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The 2.5 mile Broadwalk is back on the national stage.

The most recent accolades come from Bicycling Magazine which named the Broadwalk as one of the best boardwalks for cycling. The magazine is promoting the Hollywood Broadwalk as a great place for both the dedicated cycling enthusiast and the leisure beach cruiser.

USA Today has also included Hollywood a nominee for the Ten Best Reader’s Choice for Best Summer Weekend Escapes. Hollywood has made the list as one of 20 locations including places like Martha’s Vineyard and Sonoma, California.

The City of Hollywood wants people to show their support by casting a vote from now until May 26 at www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-summer-weekend-escape.

This honor follows on the heels of USA Today naming the Hollywood Broadwalk Florida’s Best Beach Board on December 9, 2013, according to Joann Hussey, spokesperson for Hollywood.


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