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City Manager Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark is about to be confirmed as the new City Manager in Coral Gables. Cathy has been our City Manager since 2012, and served as Asst. City Manager prior to that. Prior to her coming to Hollywood, she worked for Coral Gables as their Director of Economic Development.
Perhaps her brightest accomplishment here is the Margaritaville project, which is set to open in July 2015 and just topped out in construction. This project would not have happened without her expertise in development and financing and her professional relationship with the developers.
The Commission has recently become a 4-3 board, with the City Manager in the middle of many issues. One consequence of this was the invitation to the Broward County Inspector General to examine a transaction related to the hiring of essential–but temporary–workers. While that inspection has not been complete, Cathy chose the opportunity to apply for a great job with her former city, which is also where she still lives. 

I have enjoyed my relationship with the City Manager. We meet often and I have always found her to be respectful, sunny, and strongly positive. She loves her staff, their dedication and professionalism. Frankly, I think this was the appropriate decision for her and wish her great success.

– Hollywood Commissioner Dick Blattner


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