Hollywood Commissioner Dick Blattner 5th to announce mayoral run for office

District 4 Commissioner Dick Blattner announced this week he will be one of five, so far, to run for Mayor of Hollywood.

Blattner has served on the Hollywood Commission since 1994, taking 7 years off from 2000 to 2007. He retired after a 23-year career as a manufacturer’s representative for Suncoast Marketing, which he owned and operated. 

“I have been effective at bringing ideas and projects forward and I will continue to do that as mayor,” said Blattner.  “There are a lot of things in the works for economic development. I want to make the sure the Beach CRA stays intact and that it continues to make the beach spectacular. I also want to work to improve the value of property in Hollywood.” 

Blattner wants to make sure that the problem of financial urgency does not happen again and he believes it won’t if the city is careful about spending. He wants to monitor collective bargaining agreements and make sure they don’t increase pension liabilities.

“I believe I can have more influence as mayor. Most people know I work hard as a commissioner. I will continue to do so as Mayor of Hollywood,” said Blattner.

Blattner is also chairperson of the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, a position he has held for seven years. 

To date, mayoral candidates are Patricia Asseff, Dick Blattner, Itzhack Feldman, Joshua Levy and Eleanor Sobel.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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