Artist Peter Matcau Jr. has been living in Hollywood since 1981–in a town of transient troubadours that certainly makes him a “local!” Matcau’s work, while Mosaic in nature, also combine elements of collage, especially (but not exclusively) beer cartoon cardboard (I’ll drink to that!). And while many of his “drinking buddies” contribute to his arsenal, Lisa Zamaro (of PRL) has been a steady and fervent supplier…While Peter’s themes vary, much of his work reflects Hollywood’s architecture, beaches, flora and fauna. In the artist own words, “I enjoy taking something that I know would be thrown away and reworking it into something that can be proudly displayed in a home.” Peter joins Alejandra Palacios in an exhibit running the month of August at Atelier 3 (1901 Harrison St.), with a closing bash set for 3rd Saturday’s Art Walk event (August 20th at 8pm)…


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