At a recent Hollywood Commission meeting, the issue of streets named for Confederate generals continues to develop. During citizen’s comments, a number of people spoke in favor of, and against, revising the controversial street signs.

Lunelle Siegel says she’s concerned that efforts are being made to erase U.S. history. She fears the next step would be to erase honors for most civil war-era historical figures, as many held beliefs that would be offensive today.

A man, who came dressed as General Robert E. Lee, said it is important that people continue to honor men like Lee and other leaders in American history.

Joanne Carbana, who has been involved in Miami-Dade politics said that changing the street names will be a terrible inconvenience for residents on those streets. The re-naming would necessitate changing of driver’s licenses, professional licenses, addresses, property deeds and other records. It also may be difficult to gain approval from the U.S. Post Office to change the street names.

Pastor Michael Anderson said that Confederate leaders chose to put on gray uniforms and fight against the United States. He believes it is wrong to honor people who fought to keep slavery legal by naming a street after them.

“It is mind-boggling that people are unwilling to experience some inconvenience to change the signs,” said Benjamin Israel, a leader in the effort to change the signs. “How many people would want to live on a street named for Charles Manson? Nathan Bedford Forrest killed thousands of people. We should change the name of Forrest Street.”

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