Listen up hipsters, tripsters
and social shifters—Hollywood has an opportunity to leap higher than a beach-side
hotel or a Young Circle Condo.

Two years ago (almost to the
day), I sat in on a meeting organized by the CRA with the Art Space group (

Fired up folk attended this
meeting and I reckon the Art Space delegation was duly impressed because the
potential deal is still on the table. A deal which could create livable,
working spaces for artist’s right here in Hollywood!!!

This is a call—a rally cry—a
Paul Revere revival shout—for all of us to attend a meeting with Hizzoner and
the City Commissioners on Wednesday, October 5th at 10am at City
Hall (2nd Floor Commission Chambers—2600 Hollywood Blvd.)

This is a chance to further
stoke the flames of this fantastic opportunity…

We must all attend…We must
all spread the word…We must all BSCENE and BHEARD

This is a hickey moment—a
chance for serious Art and Culture to find a place on our neck of the woods!!!


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