Zen and the Art of Art!

I recently had the good fortune to sit in on what may become
a Hollywood staple—Rising Zen Mini-Retreats.  

The event took place at the Larry Joe Miller Studio in Young
Circle. Artist and Art Activist Desiree Kim provided a session in Painting—Relaxation
& Qigong and the opportunity to “release stress and feel empowerment in daily
life through creative activity.”

Desiree utilizes art as a form of therapy (for both physical
and emotional issues) and there were moments of meditation, movement and plenty
of action on easel and canvas…

Desiree and Larry Joe are in discussions to make Rising Zen
a part of Larry’s continued and consistent art course offerings at his Young
Circle Studio. I for one believe this novel approach to “Art Class” will catch
on quick.

Desiree will be exhibiting her art with Alissa Alfonso
in December at Atelier 3…

For more info check out: http://desirewithane.com/


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