Young circle
Young circle

A group of Hollywood residents and city leaders got together listen to a presentation by a traffic engineer about the Hollywood CRA Young Circle Roadway Feasibility Study. Ian Lockwood, a traffic engineer gave a presentation and then residents were given the opportunity to form

Residents discussed ways to improve traffic flow and streets around Young

small groups and develop some ideas to improve the roads and traffic in the area.

“Pedestrians are the future and we want to make the Young Circle area walkable,” said Lockwood. “We want to make the area engaging and comfortable. We want to have better street design patterns.”

Hollywood is in the midst of developing a Complete Streets program and an important goal is to make Hollywood’s streets, especially those in the downtown area friendly to pedestrians and bicycle riders. Young Circle is considered unique in South Florida. It is a large traffic circle that includes a park and a performing arts stage.

The questions that were raised included what values should

A presentation was held on ways to improve Young Circle. Groups of
residents were given the opportunity to talk and then share ideas.

influence design, what do people like about Young Circle, what do people dislike about Young Circle and what is missing at Young Circle?

Some residents expressed concern about the increase in traffic to the area because of all the new development. Others said that properly managed new development is very good for a city. It was said that an effort should be made to preserve the charm of the Young Circle area.

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