McNicol Middle School and Colbert Elementary School celebrated their first day of school on August 9. The schools are on a

School Board member Ann Murray, Superintendent Robert Runcie and Watkins Elementary School Principal Lori Mendez, look in on a classroom on the first day of school.

different schedule and began their school year earlier.

Melissa Gurreonero, the principal at McNicol, was pleased at the start of another year, and believes her school, which offers magnet programs, has a great deal to offer the community.

“I want this to be a school where students want to be. We have great teachers who will inspire enthusiasm for learning,” Gurreonero said.

McNicol offers a pre-engineering program, with a strong emphasis on STEM. Students in the program are also learning the latest in robotics. In addition, McNicol offers a program in International Affairs and Business that gives students training in the latest business technology, and they can earn certifications in computer technology.

McNicol Middle School Principal Melissa Gurreonero at the Hollywood-based school, one of four Broward County schools, that started classes on Aug, 9.

Colbert Museum Magnet Elementary School also opened the doors for the year on Aug. 9. Colbert offers a STEM program and encourages academic excellence. The school offers four museum nights a year, when the students become docents and present their parents and the community some of the latest developments in STEM education.