Larry Joe Miller was a renaissance man—he served his country (Air Force), raised a family and was madly in forever-love with Amy.

Larry was a prolific artist and a passionate musician. Simply stated, Larry Joe Miller put the “Hip” in the Hip Hamlet of Hollywood—capisce!

I reckon I met Larry Joe when I first moved to Hollywood and began writing for Cahoots. I’ve known my fair-share of characters—coast to coast—all over the globe and Larry added a hearty dose of seasoning to the gumbo of gonzo greats.

We became fast friends. Larry and I wrote, recorded and performed our music throughout this Hollywood. And Larry exhibited his artwork in each and every one of my Art Extravaganza Pop-Up Shows and his works sold!

Larry was a hoot—loving, giving, caring and most of all he had the coolest collection of non P.C. tee-shirts which he wore wherever and whenever…

I have gads of wonderful and fond memories of Larry Joe and his family (what a tight unit). However, the one that really stands out is the time Larry Joe joined Richie Cole and the Alto Madness All-Star Orchestra on stage at Atelier 3.

Larry played the Theremin and not only did he bring the house down with his spaced-out participation of wavy-gravy groove but his showmanship was off-the-charts. Richie Cole was awed!

Larry Joe Miller will be missed, but only in the sense or to the degree that any future adventures have been put on hold.

Fortunately, Larry Joe left us a litany’s worth of shenanigans and blessings—enough to provide all of us dozens of decades of groove, entertainment and cool…

I’m quite sure, as you ponder these words; Larry Joe is strumming his ukulele and singing to Lucille as she guides the raft across the river…

Much love Brother Larry Joe Miller…Hang on Hollywood—Hang on to your Groove…



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