For those who have complained about the construction work is now taking place on AIA, and asking why they’re doing it “in season,” there’s a great answer — it’s going to take well over a year so it’s going to be happening in all seasons.  The $9.4 million dollar improvement project that goes from Sheridan Street to Monroe Street along A1A began October 9, 2017 and is estimated to be completed in spring 2019.

The CRA and City Engineering staff have been working closely with FDOT on improving the approved MOT (maintenance of traffic) plan that is in place for  the entire construction period. They are working together to assess the current messaging displayed on the electronic boards deployed throughout the construction area and on the placement of regulatory signs. They are also assessing the number of both boards within the construction area, the legal speed limit within a construction zone, and the possibility of reducing said speed within this corridor.

The CRA staff is also working with their consultant to assess the number and type of crosswalks and medians that will be in place upon completion of the project. They are also looking at installing an additional traffic signal on A1A to help control vehicle flow and reduce speeds through the corridor.

Concerns have been raised about safety in this area. Commissioner Peter Hernandez agreed, and wants the state to lower the speed limit in the area under construction from 35 to 25 miles an hour.


  1. The decision to go from 2 car lanes in each direction to 1 on A1A is in a word, stupid. Margaritaville and relentless development have made the beach more popular than ever. As a resident of the beach,the increase in traffic has negatively effected my quality of life. I now have to time my comings and goings on the weekends to avoid being a prisoner in my own home. What are the plans for residents like myself?


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