The Broward County Commission is continuing to hope for a transportation sales tax. The Commission discussed it on April 10 and provided the County Attorney with some suggestions as to what they would like to see on the ballot. It will come back for further review at a future date. It was not discussed today.

The Broward Commission wants a one percent charter county and regional transportation system sales surtax earmarked for transportation and transit projects countywide. If approved by the Commission, voters will have the opportunity to vote on the transportation sales tax increase on November 6, 2018. The transportation sales surtax has the potential to generate an estimated $16 billion over thirty years.


  1. Transportation is the buzzword all over the country. We need to get people out of their cars. We need less congestion on our highways.
    The stakes are very high yeah just too many people on the road special senior citizen who without a viable alternative will keep driving until disaster strikes. Here’s the inside of them 30 billion dollars over how many years let me read that again billions of dollars over 30 years I think that speaks for itself. The fact that the transportation tax will pay for itself should be more than enough incentive to move the county forward.
    Providing Transportation means that employers will be able to hire people that can get back and forth to work and I also made it would generate employment and opportunities for people who were looking for it.
    Bus routes can be designed so that depending on where the work is there have bus routes that runs at different times peak hour times and it can end at specific times based on the need of the employer. Industrial areas obviously need buses that can meet their schedule and their demands. Suburban community scan put buses in areas doing certain times that the need is great and limit them to a certain amount of time that’s not to disrupt the harmony of certain said community. We all know that the underserved communities you need Transportation cuz people don’t have access to cars and scooters and those kind of things unless you want to make this Taiwan 101 I think the bus transportation system is working very well it could be enhanced and I certainly will be needed going forward.
    It is a win-win for everyone that Community will be served the money will be generated and years from now the Commissioners will have left their mark I’m making Broward County of vibrant City like the rest of the big cities and Seattle Oregon Houston Atlanta Miami those places where people can get their citizens around the city using the store’s going to the art shows attending concerts late night knowing that transportations available you have less drunk and drivers on the road text driver I still needed Uber Lyft those people all contribute towards the success of the transportation module that you guys are trying to put forth.
    And if I don’t know Alison I’ll commission these vision for the future long after we’re gone I’ll citizen will know that we us had the ability to look beyond our situation are limited scope and reach across the breadth of a community long term sustainable future and use transportation is a way to generate money for years and years to come. I think a few billion dollars we more than enough incentive to keep the dream alive I say we go for the transportation tax and make way for progress!


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