Hollywood leaders continue to promote the go bond
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City of Hollywood leaders are continuing to promote the General Obligation bond. On Saturday, February 2, city leaders including Mayor Josh Levy participated in tour of the Hollywood Police Station. Chief Chris O’Brien led the tour and showed a station that he believes needs to be replaced.

One major problem is the lobby. Police leaders say that if a crime victim comes to the very small lobby, there is no place where they can meet with an officer in private. A new station would have a larger lobby.

According to a statement by the City of Hollywood, the Police Headquarters opened up in 1975. At the time, the City’s population was about 107,000 with 227 sworn officers. Now the population has grown by about 50 percent and has more than 320 officers. The proposed 120 square foot technologically advanced Police Headquarters will be operationally efficient with modern communications and crime-fighting technology to the police can do a better job of keeping the community safe.

Some of the problems with the current building include that it is not rated to withstand a strong hurricane and has inadequate building security. It has outdated and undersized training facilities. The property and evidence section are overcrowded. There are no private areas for victim and officer meetings a lack of space for records storage. The HVAC and electrical grid are failing and the plumbing system is aging. The storage for SWAT and Field Force equipment is insufficient. There is lack of secure parking for police vehicles.

The estimated cost of the Hollywood Police Headquarters project would be $72,551,950.


Hollywood leaders continue to promote the go bond
Chief O’Brien gives a tour of the Hollywood Police Station.



  1. Having some knowledge of municipal finance I really question how prudent are these three bond issuances. I would not question the need for a new police station. Times and the needs of the police have changed over the years and the more tools, education and training we provide the better off we all will be. However buying millions of dollars of fire equipment on a 25-30 year bond is irresponsible. Would you finance a car that lasts for 15 years over 25 years? Some of the golf course proposals also don’t seem to make sense. How many residents use the courses, are the 90% of people that don’t use the courses going to support the maybe 10% that do use them. If there is an economic benefit to the proposal then show the numbers to support it. Yes, turning one into a park to maintain open space should be supported but don’t lump them all together. There are other issues related to the life cycle of some of the proposals but at this stage I hope I’ve made my point. At a meeting the other day a senior elected official indicated the city’s bond rating is aaa. If it is and spending is foolish it sure won’t be for long.


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