Colbert Museum Magnet School earned some well-deserved recognition. The school was named Magnet School of Distinction by Magnet Schools of America for its successful STEM and robotics program.

Kevin Benson, a leader in the development of the Broward Elementary Robotics Competition, teaches a VEX robotics class and runs a robotics team at Colbert Museum. He is incredibly proud of the accomplishments of his students.

“We are teaching the students about coding and programming. These are skills they will need for their futures and they are learning it here,” said Benson.

The students were working on a robotics challenge involving space exploration. They were incredibly excited about their progress and really enjoyed learning about robotics technology.

“I enjoy building and running robots. I want to be an engineer,” said Jaden Hynes, a current Colbert Museum Magnet school student.

Robotics teacher Kevin Benson and students, Mikyle Petgrave and Jahmyah Gooden, working on a robotics project at Colbert Museum Magnet School.

Another student, Julie-Ann Nunez, explained their current project and her future goals. “We run robots here. I want to learn about programming,” she said.

The school encourages members of the community to come to the quarterly STEM exhibition nights.

According to Chentel Neat, the magnet coordinator, the museum model encourages students to explore, experiment, and exhibit their learning, .


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