Avant garde academy prepares to graduate its first class
Some of the teachers and administrators at Avante Garde Academy. This school is now K-12 and has a successful academic program with a strong robotics and music program.

The Avant Garde Academy charter school in Hollywood has achieved many milestones over the past few years will graduate its first high school senior class this year and is now a full K-12 school.

The Academy now has about 1,987 students and offers a full academic program and recently hosted a breakfast for the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

The robotics program is preparing for an international competition and the high school chorus is planning to perform at Carnegie Hall during the upcoming year. The school also offers a full athletic program.

Samantha Walker, the Academy’s principal is proud of the progress of the school.


  1. Ms.clien is sooo annoying why is she even on here she does nothing for the school. Wait … oh yea she does she just screams at us cuz we are “loud” after school but the elementary kids are soo loud in the morning


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