Plans to Alleviate Traffic on Young Circle Include Roundabouts and a Redesign to Have Traffic Run in Both Directions

Hollywood cra proposes major redesign to young circle roadway
Artist rendering of proposed improvements to Young Circle.
Presentation on improvements at young circle
Jorge Camejo presents plans for improvements at Young Circle

Plans are developing for traffic improvements at Young Circle.

City leaders have expressed concern about traffic problems at Young Circle and the fact that it is not pedestrian friendly.

During a recent Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce breakfast, Jorge Camejo, the executive director for the Hollywood CRA gave a presentation on planned improvements at Young Circle.

An important goal is to create more roundabouts instead of traffic signals to calm fast-moving traffic. Also, there will be an effort to create a more park like atmosphere.

The roads will be redesigned so that traffic will run in both directions. The goal is to make Young Circle more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. Another important objective is to make Young Circle a destination for people in the region.

The redevelopment for Young Circle will cost millions of dollars.


  1. I hope it will never be approved. Just look closely to the proposed diagram: instead 3 one-way lanes as we have now they proposed 2-directional movement with 5 runabouts. Only 1 car can go in each direction.
    It seems like the authors of the proposal are trying to implement “The Magic Roundabout” as one in Swindon, England ( but there in Swindon they allow 3 cars moving in parallel in each direction.
    If implemented as they propose in the drawing, the traffic would be stuck each morning and evening.

  2. Sorry to say, but glad we’re moving! We don’t want to be around to experience this change! For you loyalists, I feel for you!


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