The Camelot Days Medieval Festival opened at TY Park on Nov. 2. Those who came enjoyed a wide variety of shows, historical presentations, and activities.

There was also plenty of good food and drink available. The Festival will take place over the next two weekends.

“We have expanded the Festival this year,” said Bradley Gerber, the leader of the event. “We are having it for three weekends this year.”

There is a large sword fight exhibition made up of the Italian Stallions versus the English Lions. There is a presentation known as The Nature of Mercy.

Francesca Arrabiata, a performer in this presentation said, “This is a great atmosphere and I enjoy being a part of it.”

The event includes a comedy presentation with a sword fight. Children have an opportunity to participate in the show.

Tawn Jones, who also performs in the Nature of Mercy said, “We have a fun show but we offer a moral lesson for the children on the power of mercy. We enjoy being here.”

The Realms of History offers presentations on medieval life from about 1066 to 1608. For most people, even fairly wealthy people, life was very hard and most people lived and worked on farms.

Chrissy Wagner, a member of the Realms of History, enjoys sharing her love of history with people. “Many people in medieval Europe worked on farms or practiced various trades. Many people would work in kitchens or in trades such as blacksmithing. But most people were involved in farming. I love history and making presentations on history,” said Wagner.

There are many encampments featuring historical reenactments. There are pirate encampments and military encampments.

There are shows such as: The Hopeless Romantics, The Royal Chessmen, Aranmore Irish Dancers, Lotus Shambhala Belly Dancers, Play Among Players, and acrobats.

The History of Chivalry stages real combat events. There are jousts.

Also, people can dress up in medieval costumes. You can dress as a naval officer or a pirate. You can be a king, queen, or peasant. Some people dress as knights, or members of the nobility, while others dress as street cleaners.

Also, you can shoot an arrow at a target.

There is something for everyone at Camelot Days.  

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