Broward County Schools Requests Reporting from Parents, Students if in Self-Isolation Due to COVID-19

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is requesting that staff, parents, students, vendors, volunteers and other community members who are in self-isolation to complete this form online.

Self-isolation would be associated with exposure to someone with actual or suspected COVID-19.

This information is needed to provide support to you or a student under your care, during self-isolation, and to monitor the potential presence of COVID-19 in the schools.

This information will not be used for any punitive or other negative consequences.

There are fewer than 15 questions in total. Follow this link to complete the form.

Responses to the survey are considered educational records with regards to students and employment records with regards to employees and are subject to all applicable privacy statutes, regulations and guidance including FERPA, IDEA and HIPPA. This information will remain confidential and only shared with the few individuals needed to maintain a safe environment in our schools.

Information on the BCPS response to COVID-19 is at:

Information on continuing student learning during self-isolation is at:

Please direct questions to [email protected]


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