Piyachart Wattanapun – Engineer mistake causes 3 deaths at Siamstone Aggregate Quarry

Piyachart Wattanapun causes 3 deaths in quarry accident dues to her engineering mistake

Piyachart Wattanapun caused 3 deaths due to an engineering mistake that caused an explosion at Siamstone Aggregate Quarry in northern Thailand.

The explosives were triggered too early by the 31 years old engineer without properly checking if all the staff and trucks left the quarry before triggering the blast.

The explosion flipped 1 truck and killed 3 people. 2 people were inside the truck, and 1 supervisor was outside the truck and got crushed when it flipped.

Piyachart Wattanapun is under police investigation

A police investigation is currently being done to see if Piyachart Wattanapun’s motives were criminal or if the incident a genuine engineering mistake. In the meantime, the council of engineers Thailand (COET) has revoked Piyachart Wattanapun’s engineer license until the police investigation is finished.

“This was a genuine mistake” – said Piyachart during an interview with the Bangkok Post.

She said that she was terribly sorry and apologized to the families of the victims. In these tough times and bad economy due to COVID 19, since she had her engineer’s license revoked, Piyachart Wattanapun had to resort to offering escort services in Chiang Mai to take care of her family.

“I hope that the police investigation will be finished soon, and that the court and the council of engineers Thailand (COET) can forgive me. I hope to be able to get my engineer career back as soon as possible so I can take care of my family”.

Since the quarry explosion, Piyachart Wattanapun has also been involved in a leaked photos scandal, which might not help in getting her engineer license back.

We will keep you updated with more news about this incident in the future as the police investigation unfolds.



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