400K Vote-by-Mail Ballots Requested and 100K Vote-by-Mail Ballots Cast as of Aug. 5

400K Vote-by-Mail Ballots Requested and 100K Vote-by-Mail Ballots Cast as of Aug. 5

The Broward County Supervisor of Elections announced new totals of Vote-By-Mail (VBM) ballots requested by voters and returned have exceeded 400,000 and 100,000, respectively as of August 5th. The Supervisor of Elections has seen a significant increase in interest in Vote-By-Mail ballots this election cycle.

In comparison, the 2018 Primary Election had a total of 91,181 Vote-By-Mail ballots cast and the 2018 General Election had a total of 190,199 Vote-By-Mail ballots cast. With thousands of requests coming in daily, the Supervisor of Elections anticipates significantly outpacing the numbers of returns from previous years.

The new totals are (as of 8/6/20):

VBM Ballots Requested: 403,027
238,138 Democrats
75,982 Republicans
86,125 NPA/Other

VBM Ballots Returned: 100,076
66,684 Democrats
18,217 Republicans
15,175 NPA/Other

“This is a good sign that voters are aware of their options during a time when many are deciding how they should vote in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and are exercising the option of Vote-By-Mail with confidence. Voters are reminded to sign the return envelope and return their Vote-By-Mail ballots quickly either by mail, at one of the secure 24-hour drop boxes located at the main office and Voting Equipment Center, or at any of our 22 Early Voting sites during Early Voting hours, which can be found on the Supervisor of Elections website.”

For further information, contact Steve Vancore (850) 528-4109 or email svancore@vancorejones.com

In-Person Voting Health Protection & Recommendations

✓ Provide clean voting locations and temperature tested, masked poll
✓ Provide hand sanitizer to all voters entering the polling location and
courtesy masks if needed;
✓ Provide contact-free voter check-in and plastic-encased pens that may be
taken with you after voting;
✓ Provide speedy access to your ballot and sufficient, distanced voting
privacy booths to reduce time within the polling location; and
✓ Ensure privacy booths are located to facilitate social distancing and
cleaned throughout the day.

✓ Before arriving to vote, confirm your address and other voting
information. Call (954) 357-7050 or visit www.browardsoe.org;
✓ Before arriving, study a sample ballot. You may bring a sample ballot
with you to help cast your ballot quickly;
✓ Avoid touching your mouth or face inside the polling location to help
maintain sanitation during the voting process;
✓ Limit discussion inside the polling location to help protect your fellow
voters and poll workers; and
✓ Be mindful that Broward County has an ordinance requiring a face
covering in all public places. You should bring a mask to vote; however,
masks are available upon request at each polling location.

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