8 Reasons to Study for an Accelerated BSN

Graduating from college will fill you with mixed emotions. While you may feel proud of yourself and excited to use your skills in the real world, the endless possibilities may make you feel a bit lost, scared and confused. After you have spent some time in the professional world, you may feel ready to take on a new challenge, especially if the jobs you have found are unfulfilling. If you have always been interested in nursing, then you may feel like going into this career will be a waste of your degree, as well as being intensive and expensive, but this isn’t the case when studying an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). To help you learn more, here are 8 reasons you should study for an accelerated BSN.

Nursing Experience Isn’t Necessary

In order to qualify for an accelerated nursing program, you will need to have gained a bachelor’s degree and meet any other course requirements. However, you will not have to have any previous work experience or education in nursing or any specific health science. If you have a lot of experience in another area, then this could actually improve your nursing abilities once you qualify. Any interpersonal communication skills and critical-thinking that you have gained from your previous degree will give you a fresh perspective and unique knowledge in your nursing career.

More Flexible Learning Style

Life is hectic and unpredictable. If you are studying a qualification, an online course will give you the opportunity to gain a degree around your daily routine and lifestyle. This works really well for those who need to hold down a full-time job and/or have a family to take care of. Studying an accelerated BSN will allow you to choose a learning style that suits you and it will teach you how to manage and organize your time wisely. If you dislike taking long breaks from studying or have a busy lifestyle, then an online accelerated BSN program should work well for you.

Will Save Valuable Time

Even though you can study at your own pace, enrolling in an online accelerated BSN course will save you hours of valuable time. The main reason you will save so much time is because you won’t have to follow a school timetable and you won’t have to spend time or money on travel. You can also incorporate study anywhere and squeeze in an hour of study whenever it suits you. Most of the students who study an online ABSN are highly motivated and driven, because they will have the chance to push further in a shorter amount of time, and they want to build their career faster.

Learning Material is Easier

A common misconception about an accelerated BSN is that you won’t receive a thorough level of education because they take less time to complete. Just because you can study and graduate from an online course in a shorter period of time, doesn’t mean that you will be less prepared or educated than other nursing students. In fact, you may be more prepared, because you will be learning the exact same content as a traditional nursing student in a condensed timeframe. This can actually make it easier to understand the material and retain information, and you will be held in high regard by employers.

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You Have Life Experience

When you enroll to study an online accelerated BSN, even though it may not feel like it, you will have a lot of life experience. At the very least, you would have learned how to be a student and you will be able to apply the learning styles and techniques that you have picked up along the way, which will improve your online student experience. If you have had to settle into a new job in the past, then you will have skills when it comes to managing your work and personal life. If you were to start a nursing degree from scratch, then you would have to adjust to school and adult life all at once.

Earn a Versatile Degree

One of the main reasons people will choose to study an accelerated BSN program online is because they want to pursue a nursing career. However, it is common for people’s goals and interests to change, especially if work isn’t what you expected. Fortunately, if you study an accelerated BSN rather than an ADN (Associate’s Degree in Nursing), your career outcomes will be more versatile. This is because a BSN program will cover a number of topics that won’t be in the ADN curriculum. This includes leadership, research and public health, plus whatever you learned in your previous degree.

Fast Way to Advance Your Career

Many people who choose to study online qualifications are usually looking to advance and grow their skills in the shortest amount of time. When it comes to studying an accelerated BSN program online, there is a high chance that enrollees will earn their masters in a shorter amount of time compared to others. Students who attend a learning facility will have to complete their course in a set amount of time and will have limited access to resources and lessons. On the other hand, online learners can progress at a quicker rate and can be promoted into a position by the time their slow-track classmate’s graduate.

Have Access to a Thriving Field

Once you have graduated with your accelerated BSN, you will have access to a thriving field. Many countries experience a shortage of registered nurses, but the number of qualified health professionals is expected to increase over the next few years. One of the reasons for that is because of online courses, like an accelerated BSN. As well as being versatile, flexible and accessible, they save you a lot of money associated with traditional degree programs. If you could see yourself finding your purpose and enjoying life as a nurse, then there is no better time than the present to get into this profession.

Becoming a nurse is an extremely rewarding career, but it is equally as time consuming and draining. There will be pros and cons associated with studying an online accelerated BSN program. It will be your responsibility to assess your options and choose something that works for you.

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones specializes in social media marketing. She holds a Master's degree in Social Media Management from the University of Florida and a Social Media Professional Certificate from the University of Miami.


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