84 Surplus City-Owned Vehicles Up for Auction Online until Mar. 17

84 Surplus City-Owned Vehicles Up for Auction Online until Mar. 17

Police cars, pick-up trucks, bucket trucks, utility trucks, John Deere Gators, various types of trailers, pumps, tractors, golf carts and other miscellaneous city-owned vehicles are up for auction right now – 84 vehicles in total in this auction lot.

The auction closes on Tuesday, March 17th, at 7:00 p.m. Anyone interested can visit the auction site and submit a bid here: https://bidera.hibid.com/…/city-of-hollywood-surplus-auction

The City contracts with a company called “Bidera” to handle public auctions of surplus items. As part of their contract they inspect each item, write up a description, take detailed photographs and then host the auction. Hollywood is just one of many local municipalities to use the Bidera online auction site to sell surplus items with the goal of realizing the best possible price to the benefit of taxpayers.

Lifeguard towers are not a part of this lot but will be coming up for auction shortly.

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