A New Wawa is in the Works for Harding Plaza in Hollywood

A new wawa may be in the works for harding plaza in hollywood

A new Wawa is coming to Hollywood.

The project was approved on February 7 by the Planning and Development Board with a set location on Federal Highway.

As part of a plan to redevelop Harding Plaza, located across the street and south of South Broward High School, the Wawa will consist of six fuel islands for a total of 12 fuel dispensers under a 14-foot high canopy; and a convenience store of approximately 5,600 square feet.

The Wawa will sport a new design that encourages placing the convenience store closer to the street, providing an inviting pedestrian atmosphere to a normally automotive focused industry.

The location has not been announced on the Wawa company web site at this time.

Additionally, a portion of the existing plaza is being demolished to build new retail fronts on Federal Highway. The new retail locations are planned for the south side of the property with parking located at the rear.

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