A1A reduced to one lane northbound til Aug. 31 for Margaritaville construction

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A1A is going to be reduced to one lane northbound at three block sections at a time between Jefferson Street to Johnson Street due to an FPL duct bank being installed to provide the required electric service to the Margaritaville and future development projects on the barrier island. Work is due to start  Monday 4/14/14 and continue to 8/31/14 and mostly Monday through Friday with sporadic work at night.

The project is on a very tight time schedule to meet Margaritaville time lines and two crews will be working in the corridor, one from the south and one from the north to expedite the completion of the work. Accommodations are being made to fully open A1A between Hollywood and Johnson Street for the 4th of July as well, and may include all of A1A if deemed necessary.

Additionally, FPL has provided written notices to all FPL billing customers making them aware of the project, and as the project progresses through the corridor additional door to door contact will be made as the specific areas are affected by the construction. City Engineering has coordinated with Police and Parks.

Although City Engineering will be monitoring the work, they have instructed complaints be directed to FPL’s designated contractor coordinator:

Freddie Brady, Project Manager
Danella Utility Construction Company
Cell: 954-605-3558
Office (561) 327-5320

Other FPL contact:
Diego Pineiro
FPL Production Lead
(954) 382-5163

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