Did we ever tell you you’re our hero?

Because we believe local business owners are the super heroes of the community, working tirelessly to provide jobs for local residents, you are the foundation for a healthy local economy.  

But our hero has a problem.

Small business owners wear so many hats with little time to update a quarterly marketing plan. And without a budget for an ad agency or publicist, the media buying process can seem overwhelming.

That’s why we take a friendly, consultative approach to earning your business. And if we don’t think print advertising is right for you, we’ll let you know that too.

Let us help you share your story.

Because you’re so familiar with your own products are services, you may have a hard time sharing your story clearly with the community.

But not because you don’t understand what you’re selling. You’re so passionate about your business you want to tell ALL about it.  And sharing all that knowledge, can translate to trouble. 

The curse of knowledge happens when a business leader knows so much about their products and services, they project that knowledge on their potential customers.

Most customers, however, will only give you a few seconds of attention, and that means your ad must stand stand out.

The best way to be easy to understand is to say it in clear language and adopt a compelling brand for your product or service.

We have helped hundreds of large and small businesses clarify their brand and messaging since 2001.  

And when you clarify your message, your ad starts working for you, your team members are converted into a sales force and your customers speak a viral message that spreads.

Print display ads are available in black and white or color.

Studies show that color ads get more attention than black and white.  However black and white ads, when done well, can be very effective as well as easier on your budget. 

We strongly recommend that you plan to advertise year-round and choose an ad size that you can afford to start.  Print advertising works with an effective message (we’ll help with that) and consistency.  

Discounts are applied based on frequency and size. Non-profit organizations are eligible for our lowest, 12-month rates regardless or frequency. 

Black & White Display Ad Rates + Dimensions 1x 3x 6x  12x  
Full Page (10 x 12.375″) $1340 / mo.  $1,280 $1,120  $960  
Junior Page (7.5 x 10″) $940  $880 $832  $720  
1/2 Page (10 x 6″ or 4.875 x 12.375″) $740  $680 $600  $520
1/4 Page (4.875 x 6″) $420  $364 $320 $288
1/8 Page (v. 2.375 x 6″) or (h. 4.875 x 2.875″) $300 $240 $220 $200


Color Display Ad Rates + Dimensions





Full Page (10″ x 12.375″) $1,750 / mo. $1,600 $1,400 $1,200
Junior Page (7.5″ x 10″) $1,250 $1,100 $1,040 $900
1/2 Page (10″ x 6″ or 4.875″ x 12.375″) $1,000 $850 $750 $650
1/4 Page (4.875″ x 6″) $600 $455 $400 $360
1/8 Page Vertical (2.375″ x 6″) or Horizontal (4.875″ x 2.875″) $450 $300 $275 $250
Net print rates effective 1/01/2016. 


How often and where will your ad be seen?

Hollywood Gazette is published the first week of each month.  Our total monthly circulation is 25,000.

We directly mail 15,000 publications via the United State Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program to Hollywood, Florida’s most established neighborhoods in zip codes 33019, 33020 and 33021 (highlighted below in blue).

An additional 10,000 copies are dropped off in racks at high-traffic locations throughout Hollywood.  


Who reads Hollywood Gazette?

Our audience is mainly Hollywood residents who care about their community.  We also reach local business owners and seasonal tourists. 

Demographics from 2015 audience data.


Ready to get started?

We are excited to partner with you to showcase your business in Hollywood. 

And if you need help creating your ad and message, our creative team is happy to help.  

If you can answer a few questions, we will have a sample ad based on your answers and our expertise in your inbox in less than 3 days. 

Call 954-962-8180 or E-mail Tammy Soffer to reserve space in the next issue.  Tammy or anyone on our team is available to answer any questions.


Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones specializes in social media marketing. She holds a Master's degree in Social Media Management from the University of Florida and a Social Media Professional Certificate from the University of Miami.


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