Animal Hospital of Pembroke Road Offers the Best for Your Pet with Unique Mix of Traditional and State-of-the-Art Care Techniques

Artwork of Dr. Anna and her husband Frank, a gift from a grateful patient

The unassuming entry and lobby (except for the separate waiting areas for dogs and cats!) at the Animal Hospital of Pembroke Road, located just a few blocks west of 441 on busy Pembroke Road, might make you think you’ve brought your dog or cat in to an ordinary veterinarian.

But just a few seconds with Dr. Anna Ferrera and you realize that you’re in the presence of a doctor who is far from ordinary.  For the goal of Dr. Anna, her husband Frank, and their staff, is to treat your pet as holistically as possible. They always turn first to nutrition, physical therapy, natural medicines, and working closely with you, the owner, before using drugs or more invasive procedures to cure whatever ails your best friend. 

And it’s working. 

“I want to say that 95, maybe even 98 per cent of the time we have been successful,” reported Dr. Anna.  “Often, people come to us for a second opinion, and tell us that when they bring the pet back to their regular vet, the doctor says that if they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe it!”  

Dr. Anna and her husband Frank
Dr. Anna and her husband Frank

Dr. Ferrera began her career in Cuba, and both she and her husband were vets there. They are both highly trained with extensive experience in surgery, clinical laboratory work, hematology, bone marrow studies, endocrinology, metabolic diseases and microbiology.  They purchased this practice 13 years ago and have have seven employees, most of them related in some way.

“And that’s how we see our clients too, like family.  It’s another way that we’re different. It’s not common to see that in this field any more.  Usually there’s a lot of medicine, a lot of tests, and you might see a different doctor every time you come in.  

“Here, we really believe in working with the owner; they must be part of the team to make the pet well.  The owner’s perception is very important. You cannot guide your diagnosis and your conclusion just by what you see in the dog.  What the owner tells you is very important, because they are the ones that know their dogs best.”  

And that’s just the beginning of how they are different. At the Animal Hospital of Pembroke Road, the staff has the training and ability to do a lot of clinical procedures without a lot of collateral processes.

“Sometimes, we save and cure pets without the need for invasive (and expensive!) procedures like surgery,” she said proudly, reeling off names of a host of common pet illnesses and conditions that they’ve helped without surgical intervention. 

“You can’t just take some tests and send them to the lab,” she believes. 

“The numbers don’t tell the whole story. A lot of signs can be missing; you really need the mix of the traditional work too — observation, anamnesis (taking of the medical history), palpation (touching), auscultation (listening to the sounds of the body), and of course, talking to the owner, along with the tests — mixing the old-fashioned and the new — to make the proper interpretation.”

The office is equipped with a full range of state-of-the-art equipment, from digital x-rays and ultrasound machines to all of the newest computer programs and the most up-to-date technology, to diagnose and treat the animals in-house. There is also an operating room for when surgery is needed.

They also believe in pet nutrition and supplements. “It can help a lot in a pet’s long-term treatment,” noted Dr. Anna.  “We have the new tools and technology but also count on the old-fashioned ways to help avoid too much invasive work.”

The Animal Hospital of Pembroke Road is a family business that recognizes our pets as family members, said Dr. Anna.   

“We know that your pets are always there for you, so you need to be there for them,” she said.  “Our professional staff works to provide excellent communication, compassionate care and the practice of individualized medicine to keep this veterinary facility unique in our community. 

“We are a team and we know what the stakes are.  You can trust that we will keep what matters to you at the forefront.”

Drs. Anna & Frank and Staff
Drs. Anna & Frank and Staff

With over 10,000 clients on the books, it appears that they’ve been doing a great job!

Start your pet’s new year with a smile!  The Animal Hospital of Pembroke Road is offering a special for Hollywood Gazette readers — 30% off on all dental procedures for the month of January.  Call 954 963 2160 to make an appointment or find out more.

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The Animal Hospital of Pembroke Road is located at 6403 Pembroke Rd., Hollywood, Fl 33023 For more information, call (954) 963-0261.

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