Annual Water Line Flushing Program Set To Begin May 19

The City of Hollywood Department of Public Utilities will begin its Annual Free Chlorine Line Flushing Program on Sunday, May 19. The free chlorine portion of this program will end on Friday, June 21. If necessary, flushing may continue across the City through Wednesday, July 3rd to achieve optimal system maintenance.

The Annual Flushing Program is used to help rid the water distribution pipelines of any accumulated sediments. The hydrant flushing may temporarily cause cloudy or discolored water, which should clear in a few hours after flushing. The cloudiness is due to sediment in the pipelines and is not harmful or hazardous.

Typically, flushing will take place in the evening hours between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. when the demand for water is low. Residents may notice a change in the look and/or taste of their water during this time.

PLEASE NOTE: The City will discontinue Free Chlorination as of June 21. Owners and managers of businesses with fish and shellfish holding tanks and users of kidney dialysis machines are advised that regular methods for testing and removing free chlorine will not be effective during the remainder of the flushing period. It will be necessary to test and adjust for chloramines after June 21, 2019.

For more information, call the City of Hollywood Water Treatment Plant at 954-967-4230. Ask for Carlos Aguilera, Public Utilities Manager, or Luis Montoya, Water Treatment Plant Superintendent.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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