Another ‘Pawsome’ Petpalooza at ArtsPark Featured Adorable, Adoptable Pets

Petpalooza at artspark

Dog lovers got together at the ArtsPark to participate in the annual Petpalooza event on Saturday, January 11.

Organizations and groups dedicated to caring for dogs and helping them find good homes had booths at the Palooza. They were working to help people adopt dogs.

Dog-lover Beverly Lewis, the organizer of Petpalooza was pleased to see people enjoying the event in perfect weather. “I want to give dogs a solid home and make it possible for more dogs to be adopted,” she said.

Lewis also sang in a musical performance during the Petpalooza. Some people were able to begin the process for adopting dogs. Others brought their dogs and enjoyed being in the company of dog lovers.

Petpalooza at artspark
Beverly Lewis the organizer of Petpalooza at ArtsPark gave a musical performance during the event.

Gina Silvestri brought her dog Sasha. She adopted Sasha and the dog was involved in finding a lost boy. “I love these events and I love dogs,” she said.

Petpalooza at artspark
Gina Silvestri with her dog Sasha. She adopted this dog. The dog Sasha helped find a lost boy with Down Syndrome.

Rich Aube, president of the Hollywood Lions Club was there with his Schnauzer and members of the Club participated. “This was a good day. We want to help these dogs find good homes,” he said.

Petpalooza at artspark
Members of the Hollywood Lions Club at the Petpalooza at ArtsPark.

Peg Alvator of Grateful Paws Dog and Cat Rescue, Kaylin Ricciardi of GTS Husky Rescue and members of rescue group also participated. Locals Jim Murad and Katie Kal came with their dogs and enjoyed spending time with people who love dogs. It was a pleasant and fun social event.

Petpalooza at artspark
Members of the GTS Husky Rescue the Petpalooza at ArtsPark.
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