Apollo Middle School to Incorporate The GLOBE for International Awareness

Martha B. Cohen, Director of Operations at South American Vacations and active participant at Hollywood Hills Elementary and Apollo Middle School located in Hollywood, is teaming up with Sandra Brown, Language Arts teacher at Apollo Middle School, to allow students the opportunity to expand global awareness and global competency skills.

Formerly a teacher at McArthur High School and now in her 8th year at Apollo, Sandra has been teaching for 17 years and, according to Martha, is “always looking for ways to encourage students to write and learn about the different cultures in the world.”

The GLOBE offers a promising start.

Sandra’s motivation for the GLOBE (Global Learning Offers Broad Experiences) started after her State Department Fellowship – Teachers for Global Classrooms, administered by the State Department’s Division of Cultural Affairs and handled by IREX (International Research and Exchange Board). The Fellowship encompasses an International Field Experience Component and Sandra was part of the cohort that traveled to India this past summer. She says, “I know what exposure to travel can do for a young person.”

The GLOBE is open to all students on campus who are passionate about becoming a part of the project.

While the club is already up and operational, a bulletin board which will provide a space that welcomes input from all students, is still in the works. Some of the topics are set to include:

  • Editorial
  • News
  • Business and Technology
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • US History
  • Arts
  • Environment & Green
  • Contests
  • World Heritage Sites


“We will rotate the sections to be displayed based on the students submissions,” states Martha. “We really want to encourage students to write about their favorite subjects.”

Because GLOBE club meetings are held in Sandra’s classroom, she is asking for permission to have the bulletin board placed somewhere near her room, so it can easily be maintained by club members. She currently has a ‘very small, but very, very excited group’ and hopes the bulletin board space will be in effect by the time the school returns from Christmas/Winter Break.

You can find Sandra reflecting on her ‘new sense of urgency to bring global education to her school’ on the IREX website at irex.org.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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