April 15 Hollywood Commission meeting update

During yesterday’s meeting, the Hollywood Commission agreed to some major purchases.

The Commission approved a resolution authorizing the purchase of a 2015 Pierce 105’ Velocity Aerial Ladder Apparatus truck in the estimated amount of $903,235. (It’s a big red firetruck, ya’ll.)

The Commission approved a resolution authorizing a contract between the City and GPE Engineering and General Contractor Corp. for construction services related to the Reuse Waterline Extension to Sheridan Project in the amount of $424,459.

Also, the Commission approved a resolution authorizing the city attorney to file civil actions on accounts with balances that exceed $200 to collect unpaid charges under the 50/50 Shared Cost Sidewalk Program.

A proclamation was issued in recognition of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Days, April 24 & 25 and National Arbor Day on April 26.

Finally, the Hollywood Commission approved a $240,000 settlement between the City of Hollywood and Paul Gozaloff. The matter involved an incident between Gozaloff and members of the Hollywood Police Department. He claimed police brutality and false arrest after having been attacked by a group of police officers in 2008. Gozaloff had filed a federal lawsuit. The resolution was passed with no discussion.




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