Art, Italy & Auggie

Justin Del Sesto, Lorena Basualdo and their son Augustine (Auggie) moved from Miami to Hollywood a bit over two-years ago.

It was love at first sight. Lorena (a successful painter/sculptor/muralist—her works grace the Del Ray Courthouse and the Versace Mansion) dug the up-and-coming art vibe and the quality school which was within walking distance from their pad.

Frankly, they could have lived anywhere; that they selected Hollywood is testament to our family-friendly vibe, walkability and creative art-scene.

Justin and Lorena have brought a bit of Italy to our hip-hamlet in the form of their on-line travel business (, which offers hassle-free, affordable all-inclusive tours to Italy—top-shelf travel at bargain basement prices!

As for little Auggie, the six-year-old recently played Billy Joel’s hit Piano Man at the Alto & Art at AT3 Extravaganza backed up by jazz legend Richie Cole–the lad brought the house down!

Remember Hollywood—Holly-Can and Holly-Will!

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Author: Amanda Jones

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