Art Walk Redux

If there’s one natural pearl left in the oyster that is
South Florida, it’s Hollywood. Hollywood is a fresh, flowering, fabulous
hot-spot of truly organic culture and Hollywood’s Art Walk is testament to that

On August 20th you’ll find a mix of marvy options
in on the Streets (Hollywood Blvd. & Harrison) and in Young Circle (Arts

Joining the previously mentioned Doris White Art N Form
Gallery and Atelier 3, there is the L/Mercado Studio Collective (2000 Harrison
St.) as well as jewelry designer Armando Perez (2029 Harrison). Cinema Paradiso
always has something cooking (2008 Hollywood Blvd.) as does Euro Bar
extraordinaire—PRL (1904 Hollywood Blvd.)

Of course a real gem in the Hollywood Tiara is the Downtown
Mural project tour—while gaining international recognition—this free and
tantalizing tour canvasses our hip hamlet and the myriad murals popping up

Lest we forget Daniel Pontet, Jeffrey Lee and their Impulse
Art Extravaganza (foot painting to the beating of Resurrection Drums), wild baby!

Young Circle boasts Brenna Baker and Hollywood Hot Glass (with
free demonstrations) and Larry Joe Miller (with free painting options).

In closing; Gallery 2014 will be back in the loop at summers

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Author: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones specializes in social media marketing. She holds a Master's degree in Social Media Management from the University of Florida and a Social Media Professional Certificate from the University of Miami.


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