Attucks Middle School Named a Magnet School of Excellence

Attucks middle school named a magnet school of excellence

Attucks Middle School received an honor for the efforts of students, teachers and administrators. It was named a Magnet School of Excellence from the Magnet Schools of America.

“This is a very prestigious award and we are proud to have received it,” said Errol Evans, the principal.

A program showcase was sent to Magnet Schools of America showing the work and achievements of the students. Attucks Middle is considered a whole school magnet and all students at the school are involved. Attucks offers the Cambridge Global Communications Academy.

The school uses the strategies and frameworks of Cambridge Secondary I to provide excellence for every student every day. From academic remediation to acceleration, the school’s core academic courses are infused with collaborative activities and focus on developing the learners’ ability to think independently, collaborate effectively and community and defend ideas and analysis of curriculum materials. Students have the opportunity to explore multiple areas in the communication field. There are hands-courses in Journalism, TV Production, Speech and Debate, Technology and Digital Media and Foreign Languages.

The five pillars of the magnet include diversity, academic excellence, innovative curriculum and professional development, high-quality instruction systems and family and community partnerships.

“We have some very good programs here,” said J. Erick Gurreonero, an assistant principal at Attucks. “Students learn about TV broadcasting and how to produce news stories. We also have a Microsoft certification program. We have a strong Speech and Debate program. We encourage active learning.”

The Speech and Debate program is very popular and many students love to be a part of it.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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