Attucks Middle School students plant a butterfly garden in celebration of Arbor Day


Mya Leondas loves to work in a garden. A seventh-grade student at Attucks Middle School, Leondas got the perfect chance on Arbor Day when her class got to plant a butterfly garden in front of the school.

“I like digging out an area to put the plants into. I like to work with plants,” she said.

Horticulturist Cindy David gives instruction to students on planting a Butterfly garden.

The City of Hollywood, Tenusa Inc. and Attucks Middle School worked together to plant the garden. Cindy David, a horticulturist, taught the students what types of plants make a good butterfly garden, described how butterflies live their lives and the importance of caring for plants.

Science teacher Stephen Coddington was happy to bring his students to an Arbor Day celebration. “I want the students to learn about the importance of preserving the environment and to enjoy planting. I want them to learn about caterpillars and butterflies,” he said.

Paul Farren, a member of the Hollywood Green Team Advisory Committee came and was pleased to see middle school students learning about nature. “I want the students to become interesting in caring for the environment,” he said.

Errol Evans, the principal of Attucks Middle School said he wanted to have a special event for Arbor Day. “I want to encourage students to have a love for the environment,” he said.

Pedro Bofill, Jr. a vice president for Tenusa, said, “We want to help people in Hollywood. We provided plants to the school because we want to encourage young people to learn about plants and the environment. We want to give back to the community,” he said.

The students had the opportunity to dig out holes in the garden and place various plants that will attract butterflies.


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