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Jennifer Love

Jennifer is the managing editor and publisher of Hollywood Gazette.

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South Florida Symphony to Offer Free Livestream Concerts August 15 and 29

South Florida Symphony keeps the music playing and connects people during the Covid-19 pandemic through ongoing (and free of charge) livestream concerts...

Local Scouts Donate 4,500 ‘Camp Cards’ to Show Appreciation to Memorial Healthcare System Workers

The local Scouts of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe counties had their annual sale of Camp Cards this year. Of course, the...

Hollywood Resident and Music Teacher Offers Donation-Based Online Group Class Designed for Pre-school and Early Childhood Education

A long-term resident of South Florida with years of experience as a General Music Educator teaching 2nd through 5th grade, Sadie...

Over Half of Hollywood Residents Say They’ll Support Local Rather than Larger Retailers Once Lockdown is Over

Smells Like Community Spirit: 1/2 of Hollywood residents say they will support local rather than larger retailers once lockdown is over, reveals...

Alexandra’s Restaurant

Menu Best Way to Order Call (954) 921-9990

Triple B Bar & Grill

Menu http://www.triplebbarandgrill.com Best way to order Pick up 754-888-9978, ubereats, Postmates & grubhub,...

Blue Wave Argentinan Bar & Grill

Menu: https://www.bluewavehollywoodbeach.com/ Best way to order: Bluewavehollywoodbeach.comCall Jorge 954-348-5599 or Micaela 954-478-3973

Shabo’s Mediterranean Barbecue

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