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Courtney Butterworth

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Nativity Catholic School literature teacher Lynne Moore earns honors

Lynne Moore discovered a passion for writing as a freshman in high school when she was “bitten by the print bug” after composing an...

Hollywood Mayoral Candidates share plans to help those experiencing homelessness

Homelessness can seem like a problem that is too intricate and widespread to be solved by a single city. Fortunately, this is only partially...

The Broward Outreach Center’s Alumni Group becomes an advocate for those experiencing homelessness

Every other Thursday at 5 p.m., a group of men and women who have graduated from the Broward Outreach Center’s programs meet to discuss...

Don Cotton's story of transformation and hope continues to guide those experiencing homelessness

Don Cotton had hit rock bottom. He was homeless, on drugs, out of jail, and in prison. Most people would have given up, decided...