Beach renourishment a top concern for Hollywood

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Concerned citizens recently met at the Anne Kolb Nature Center to learn about the Beach Renourishment program that is soon to begin. This is the third segment of a long term effort to replace beach sand that has eroded.

Christopher Creed of Olsen Associates, Inc. gave the presentation to community members, many of whom are concerned about the effect of erosion on properties at the beach.

A large amount of sand will be placed on the beach transported from outside the area. Some will come from northern areas of Florida and some will come from outside the U.S.



Much of the existing sand ends up in Miami Dade County. This is simply part of a natural process where sand moves over time. But the problem is that this movement takes away beach areas from people who want to live and play on the beach.

The third segment will involve beach areas from Port Everglades to the Miami-Dade County line. It is part of a multi-year project and will involve local, state and federal funding.

Meanwhile, volunteers from the Youth Environmental Alliance are taking a more hands on approach by removing invasive plants and adding new sea oats strengthen the shoreline along Hollywood Beach.


Youth Environmental Alliance/Sea Oat Planting from Low Sea Productions on Vimeo.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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