5 Best Pinterest Boards in Colombia

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The first time I used Pinterest was when I was looking for decoration ideas to decorate my Colombian restaurant in Medellin.

It’s so easy to use and visually awesome, that I’m hooked on it daily now!

I recently did som research to find what are the best and most famous Pinterest boards in Colombia, and I want to share the results with you below.

Let’s get started!

My Art (Best Pinterest board for art business in Colombia)

Best Pinterest Boards in Colombia

When it comes to creating an art business, Pinterest is hands down the best platform for it. With the help of Pinterest, I can easily upload images of my own paintings, drawings, and sketches to my “My Art” board. This board is perfect for building my business page and allowing me to discover the best ideas and inspiration for Colombian art.

With this board, I can share and promote my art to gallery curators and art consultants. Additionally, I can use the description area to add links to my website or online store so that people can easily find and purchase my work. So if you want to create an art business, make sure you make the most out of Pinterest’s “My Art” board!

Colombia Bulletin Board

Best Pinterest Boards in Colombia

As a Colombian, I’m very proud of my culture and heritage. So it’s no surprise that I love to explore the Colombia Bulletin Board section on Pinterest. It’s full of amazing ideas for art, travel, and more. From After School Bulletin Board to Lp September Frame, Colombia Who Is My Neighbor, Bubba Keg and Oracion A San Antonio – you can find anything you need to celebrate Colombia! Even if you’re not Colombian or don’t live in Colombia, you can still appreciate the beauty of this board. You can find amazing content marketing ideas, design ideas, and architecture firms – it’s a great way to learn more about Colombia and its people.

I personally prefer to use the Art boards compared to the Bulletin boards, but that’s just my personal preference and you are free do take it or leave it in my opinion.

After School, Bulletin Board, Lp, September, Frame

As a student, I love the idea of having a Colombia bulletin board in our classroom to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. After School, Bulletin Board, Lp, September, Frame are all great ideas for decorating and making our classroom more festive. We can use these items to create an eye-catching bulletin board that showcases all the different aspects of Hispanic culture and heritage. This will be something that we can look back on and remember for many years to come.

Colombia Who Is My Neighbor, Bubba Keg, Oracion A San Antonio

As someone who loves to explore and discover new places, I was particularly interested in discovering the best Pinterest boards dedicated to Colombia. After digging around, I found a board called “Colombia Who Is My Neighbor, Bubba Keg, Oracion A San Antonio” created by Prendese Bareto. This board is packed with amazing visuals of Colombia’s culture, from Catholic funeral homes in San Diego to May Festival 2013 San Antonio TX! I love this board because it’s a great source for discovering the country’s hidden treasures and attractions.

I also appreciate the variety of topics covered in this board, from Taganga full colombian movie to Queen Bee Taj Mahal Live. This board is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to learn more about Colombia’s culture and history.

I found that the best thing about this board is the fact that it showcases pins from many different industries at once. that saves me time instead of having to browse through tons of different boards. I just glance at this board quickly while having my breakfast in the morning.

João Leitão’s Pinterest Boards

The Best Pinterest Boards in Colombia

João Leitão’s Pinterest boards are the perfect way to get inspired for your next project. His Pinterest boards feature a variety of topics, from architecture firms to content marketing ideas. He also has a great selection of travel boards that showcase the best places to visit in Colombia. With João Leitão’s Pinterest boards you can easily find the inspiration you need for any project!

Best Travel Boards on Pinterest

If you’re looking for amazing travel boards on Pinterest to find tips for your next trip to Colombia, then Beth Williams’ Pinterest boards are a great place to start. She has plenty of boards for world travel, USA travel, solo travel, digital nomads, family travel, and traveling specific countries. She also has a great list of the 50 best things to do in Colombia.

Her boards have plenty of tips of activities to do during your visit, as well as budget travel guides, and ideas on what destinations to explore. João Leitão’s Pinterest boards are also a great place to explore travel tips for Colombia. He has a board dedicated to Colombia which includes ideas for exploring the national parks and other top destinations.

Travel is one of my personal favorite hobby and passion, so I’m a big fan of this board as it gives me ideas to improve my own travel experience in Colombia and overseas as well.

Pinterest Boards for Artists

As an artist, the best way to get inspired and find great ideas is to explore Pinterest boards. Every artist has their own unique style and preference, so it’s important to find the right boards that fit your needs. Through Pinterest boards, you can discover inspiring artworks from artists around the world and learn about different techniques and styles. In Colombia, there are plenty of great Pinterest boards for artists to explore.

From My Art, a board dedicated to showcasing self-created artwork, to João Leitão’s Pinterest Boards, which feature beautiful sculptures and paintings from the renowned artist. And don’t forget the Best Travel Boards on Pinterest which provide plenty of stunning photography from Colombia’s many breathtaking destinations. There’s something for everyone on Pinterest, so take some time and explore the best Pinterest boards Colombia has to offer!

I used to be an artist when I was younger, so this board reminds me of a lot of shows that we created and performed in the past and all the good times that I had in the process.

Content Marketing Ideas and data point about the monthly active users on Pinterest in Colombia

If you’re a content marketer looking for ideas, Pinterest is a great resource before you buy Pinterest ads for your Pinterest account on this social media platform or for your Pinterest profile or multiple accounts. From blog posts to social media posts and videos, there are hundreds of ideas to help you create valuable content for your customers. To get the most out of Pinterest, start by optimizing your pins and creating targeted ads.

I personally like to reach my target audience by creating blog posts showcasing stats for marketers in Columbia, just like the article that you are reading right now. I found that these articles attract a lot of free links from other blogs and it helps increase how many people see my blog posts and access my website or site at this link shown on the pictures.

Design Ideas

When it comes to design ideas, Pinterest has an endless array of options. From interior design portfolios, to the best in Colombian Flag design, to the popular Architecture presentation board. I found a great example of the latter by Joanne Chan, which is an amazing visual representation of the creative possibilities that Pinterest offers.

Then there’s the Home Inspo board, a great resource for inspiration when it comes to decorating your home. And last but not least, Flag Gallery’s Colombian Flag board is perfect for finding ideas on how to display the colors of Colombia in your home. With so many great boards to explore, it’s no wonder why Pinterest is such a great source for design ideas!

Like I mentioned earlier in this blog post, I personally use Pinterest mainly to save pins about alibaba decoration products that I will buy by myself at a later date. I found that’s it’s an easy way to organize my ideas for the future.

Architecture Firms

For architecture fans looking to be inspired, I highly recommend checking out the Pinterest boards of some of Colombia’s top architecture firms. From modern, sleek designs to traditional and rustic styles, you’ll find plenty of ideas that you could use in your own projects and designs. João Leitão’s boards are especially noteworthy, as they showcase some of the most breathtaking and innovative designs from around the world. You can also take a look at Best Travel Boards on Pinterest for ideas on how to incorporate elements from different cultures into your architecture firm’s designs. Finally, don’t forget to check out Pinterest boards for artists, content marketing ideas, and design ideas for more inspiration.

Best Pinterest boards about Colombia

As a content creator, creating boards aligned to Pinterest’s most popular categories makes good sense. Group boards, where you collaborate with other Pinterest users and you all have permission to add pins to a shared board, can help your pins reach a wider audience. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best boards about Colombia on Pinterest.

From Kirsten Alana’s 15 Incredible Things To See And Do In Colombia board to Coffee Capsule Master Origin Colombia, there are plenty of inspiring boards to choose from. So whether you’re looking for travel inspiration, recommendations for food and drink, or just want to get creative with your next project, these boards can help you get started.

I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but I still had a quick look at this board while I was researching content for this blog post. It’s great board and I recommend that you check it out too!

The Increase of Pinterest Users in Colombia

As Pinterest grows in popularity, it is no surprise that the platform is seeing a major surge in users from Colombia. In the past year, the number of users from Colombia has been steadily increasing and is projected to reach 3 million by the end of 2022.


Popular Searches on the App

When it comes to popular searches on Pinterest, 97% of them are unbranded and consist of 2-3 word queries. This shows that the majority of consumers are looking for inspiration and ideas rather than specific products or services. In Colombia, the top trending searches on Pinterest include “christmas nails”, “popular categories”, “recipes”, “home ideas”, “style inspiration”, and “travel boards”. Moreover, a popular search within the last 30 days is Coffee Capsule Master Origin Colombia. With so many options available on Pinterest, it is no wonder why it has become one of the largest social media platforms in Colombia with an estimated 3.33 million users.

Of course, adult content will always remain the #1 search, but I noticed that the CEO of Pinterest actually blocks those searches to keep 100% of the content safe for work. Which is great in my opinion.

Architonic and its Popularity

As one of the most renowned online communities for design products and materials, Architonic is quickly becoming a popular choice among Pinterest users. With over 8,000 followers and 617 boards, they have created a list of the 7 best Pinterest accounts to gain inspiration from various topics such as fashion, interior design, and travel. What’s more, they have acquired ArchDaily, the world’s most popular architecture project. With this acquisition, even more users are flocking to Architonic to gain insight into the world of design.

Best Travel Boards about Colombia on Pinterest

I recently came across some incredible travel boards about Colombia on Pinterest. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip to Colombia, then these boards are the perfect place to start. For example, Betty Bravo’s board offers stunning photos of Colombia’s incredible landscapes, Kirsten Alana provides helpful travel tips and itineraries for exploring the country, and Turismo Logo has an array of amazing souvenirs you could pick up on your visit. There’s plenty of inspiration out there to help make the most out of your trip to Colombia. Whether you’re looking for travel guides, photography ideas or simply browsing through Colombian markets, Pinterest is the perfect place to get started.

In conclusion, if you like traveling as much as I do, then you will also like Pinterest travel boards as much as I do, right? Check out the most famous influencers from Colombia.

Thanks for reading!

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones specializes in social media marketing. She holds a Master's degree in Social Media Management from the University of Florida and a Social Media Professional Certificate from the University of Miami.


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