Bethune Elementary students 'give peace a chance'


Students at Bethune Elementary School for the Arts recently had the opportunity to learn about video production, courtesy of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. The visit was a part of the Turnaround Arts school program, which focuses on exposing students in academically struggling schools to the arts in order to encourage academic achievement.

The Tour Bus spent a day at the school, during which time students were shown how a professional audio and video production studio works, and learned about writing, performing, recording and producing songs and videos.

Patrice Lampkin, who teaches fifth grade students said, “It’s exciting that we can have a hands-on activity. It’s a nice experience for the kids,” she said.

Also addressed was a message of peace, and the importance of unity. Early in the morning of the visit, all the Bethune students, teachers and administrators came together on the school’s playground and made a giant peace sign.

Jill Rubin, a second grade teacher, said, “This was wonderful. I was glad to see the whole school come together to make the peace sign.”

Mashell Leroy, the school’s band teacher was involved in organizing the event. He was glad the students could see a professional music studio, and he wants students to learn to get along. “I believe music is important, and I want kids to learn how to work together,” he said.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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