Boxroom Escape Games offers interactive adventures in Downtown Hollywood

Game enthusiasts and puzzle lovers seeking an escape from the ordinary are finding it at Boxroom Escape Games, a collection of live escape rooms in Downtown Hollywood that provide a fun and challenging real-life interactive experience.

Thinking outside the box takes on a whole new meaning at Boxroom Escape Games, where a group of 2 to 6 players has 60 minutes to escape a private themed room filled with puzzles, riddles, secret doors and hidden compartments by using common sense and teamwork.

Boxroom Escape Games, recently opened at 2042 Hollywood Blvd., features three different rooms designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced players, each with its own storyline.

Merlin’s Wizarding Academy takes place in a medieval castle where players get to explore the secret chamber of Merlin and complete challenges to earn wizarding powers. In the creepy Haunted Pirate Shipwreck, players must find the treasure in Captain Flint’s ship before the tide comes and traps them in the brig forever with Flint’s ghost.

The newest and most challenging room, Operation Saving Hollywood, is an FBI/CIA-themed setting that challenges players with saving Downtown Hollywood from ultimate destruction. The room boasts technological features rarely seen in other escape room venues.

Boxroom Escape Games was founded by brothers Alexander and Vladimir Maslinkovsky, master game designers who each hold a master’s degree in engineering and have more than 25 years of business experience in the publishing industry. The brothers also have extensive experience as escape game players, having successfully made their way out of rooms in Europe, the U.S. and Russia.

At Boxroom Escape Games, full immersion into the game is inevitable, said Alexander Maslinkovsky, the company’s CEO.

“All rooms have unique storylines and movie-like props. High-tech puzzles and state-of-the-art decorations make you feel like you’re living a video game,” he said. “We believe that we have created one of the most technologically advanced immersive escape rooms in the U.S.”

The response from players has been so strong that the Maslinkovskys are considering adding more escape rooms in Downtown Hollywood.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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