Brightline trains to connect passengers from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami or W. Palm Beach in 30 minutes

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Brightline, the only privately funded express inter-city passenger rail service in the United States, took delivery of two new trains that will provide service in South Florida later this year.

Named BrightGreen and BrightOrange after the signature color schemes of the train cars, the sets were delivered simultaneously after a 3,052-mile journey across the country from Siemens Rolling Stock manufacturing hub in Sacramento, California. Their arrival is in celebration of National Train Day, taking place on Saturday, May 13.

Brightline stations are set to open throughout South Florida later this year connecting Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and eventually, Orlando.  The train will take passengers from Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach or Miami in 30 minutes. The Ft. Lauderdale station is located at N.W. 2nd Ave, between W. Broward Blvd. & N.W. 4th St.

Brightline is committed to leading private investment toward transportation infrastructure benefiting the public by providing a much-needed, hospitality-driven alternative to South Florida’s congested roadways.  Trip fares have not yet been announced, according to their web site they are “working to make it comparable to taking the car (think gas and parking) without all the hassles.” They will announce prices closer to launching later this year and plan to offer weekly, monthly and annual passes, plus Multi-Trip Packs at discounted rates.

Each train abounds with innovations and comfortable features including automatic level boarding, wide aisles exceeding ADA compliance, multiple outlets for devices and complimentary, robust Wi-Fi, powered by multiple antennas in every car.   The company is anticipating a grand opening and official launch of its service this fall.

Combined, the two Brightline trains are approximately 1,000 feet long, each foot symbolizes the 1,000 Siemens employees who helped build them. They are 100 percent Buy America compliant, manufactured with components from more than 40 different U.S. suppliers across 20 states. BrightGreen and BrightOrange now join BrightBlue and BrightPink at Workshop b, Brightline’s 12-acre railroad operations facility in West Palm Beach.

“Today marks another milestone as we welcome two additional trainsets to Workshop b,” said Dave Howard, Brightline’s CEO. “The arrival coincides with National Train Day, which is a chance to celebrate these powerful machines and the rich history passenger rail has played in our country. Brightline is a shining example of U.S. manufacturing and innovation while setting a world-wide standard of service in the hospitality and transportation industries.”

Workshop b is now home to four trains with BrightRed, the fifth trainset, arriving late-June. Workshop b provides over 120 jobs, serving as the on-duty location for train crews as well as the site where trains are maintained, cleaned and stored. There are four tracks within the facility, two of which are covered and one featuring a 500-foot long maintenance pit underneath for performing daily inspections and service.


About Brightline

Brightline is the new benchmark for travel by train in America with express inter-city passenger rail service connecting Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, with future service to Orlando. Providing a travel option that lives at the intersection of transportation and hospitality, the service will ease the stress of traffic, provide a simple and intuitive experience from door to destination, and foster new opportunities to explore more of Southeast Florida. Brightline is the only privately owned, operated and maintained passenger rail system in the United States. For more information, visit our website: and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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