Broward Commission passes 2020 budget

The Broward Commission passed the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Budget. The $5.8 billion budget provides funding for all county services, with increases this year to address critical county priorities to serve the increasing population. 

The FY20 budget provides additional financial resources for affordable housing, homelessness and human services programs, increased public safety resources and training, additional support for emergency operations and recovery from hurricanes, youth and apprenticeship programs, animal care and adoption, expanded programs to assist the elderly, investments to expand Broward County’s parks programs and additional funds to support cultural programs and library assets.

To increase the affordable housing supply in Broward County, the Commission approved one-time funding of $22 million.

The implementation of the voter approved transportation surtax program also continues with the goal to relieve traffic congestion, improve transit services, and expand multi-modal transportation connectivity countywide. 

Funding is also included to further support environmental resiliency and electric vehicle infrastructure. 

The FY20 budget keeps the millage, also known as property tax, rate the same as last fiscal year.

The combined millage rate for FY20 is 5.6690 per thousand dollars of taxable property value. Though the tax rate remains unchanged, some property owners will see an increase as property values in Broward County increase.

A homestead property with the “Save Our Homes” differential and an average taxable value of $167,800 will experience an estimated increase in taxes of $17. 

A non-homesteaded residential property, with an average taxable value of $255,200 will have an estimated increase of $101.

The fiscal year 2020 budget takes effect on October 1, 2019.  

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Author: Amanda Jones

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