Broward Commission Votes to Not Place an Emergency Communication Tower in East Hollywood

It appears that a Broward County Emergency Communication Tower will not be built at West Lake Park and no antennas will be installed on the CIRC Hotel. The Broward County Commission voted to simply go without a 16th emergency communication tower in east Hollywood. This means that southeast Broward County will be served by an older and antiquated emergency communication system. Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry detailed significant barriers that would need to be overcome to deploy the P25 System at West Lake Park.

The County seems unwilling to consider the site at the CIRC Hotel. Hollywood leadership is concerned that such a drastic option of removing the 16th site has been taken and what it means for the safety and security of first responders and residents in southeast Broward County.

Hollywood City Manager Dr. Wazir Ishmael wrote a letter to Broward County Manager Bertha Henry stating that he believed this was an incorrect decision and that both the City and County governments should continue to work together to find a better solution.  

“The City of Hollywood’s priority has always been for the safety and security of all Broward County residents for a fully operational system for all the entire county. There is a reliable site now to provide optimal coverage for all communities in Southeast Broward County. Cutting out the cites of Hallandale Beach, Dania Beach, West Park, Pembroke Park and Hollywood from the new P25 system, which would leave these cities with an aging legacy system, puts all first responders and the public in jeopardy,” Joann Hussey, spokesperson for Hollywood.

Hollywood has requested information on the coverage and reliability of the existing system and the analysis the County is using to determine the elimination of the 16th tower.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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