Broward County may adopt Yellow Dot Program

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Drivers who have medical conditions may soon have another way to inform emergency responders of their condition.

The Broward County Commission is considering implementing the Yellow Dot Critical Motorist Medical Information Program, aka the Yellow Dot Program. It was brought before the Commission by Vice Mayor Martin Kiar.

The Yellow Dot Program is a nationwide initiative designed to provide volunteer participants with a yellow dot sticker to be placed in the rear window of their vehicles.  The sticker informs emergency medical responders that additional, critical medical information about the motorist may be found in a yellow folder inside the vehicle’s glove compartment. The yellow folder is to include the injured motorist’s emergency contact and medical information. The program is free and voluntary.

“The first hours after an accident or other medical emergencies are critical. The Yellow Dot Program helps provide emergency responders with information that could potentially be life saving,” said Vice Mayor Kiar. “Our program will be tailored to meet the needs of Broward County residents.”

Commissioners directed the County Attorney to draft an ordinance for implementation of the program.  Counties adopting the program are required to develop guidelines and procedures to ensure that any information that is confidential is not made public through the program.  

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Author: Amanda Jones

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