Broward County officially recognizes same-sex marriages

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January 6, 2015 will be considered a historic day in Broward County. It will always be known as the day that same-sex couples could be legally married.

The Broward County Commission officially proclaimed January 6 as “Marriage Equality Day.” Broward County Vice Mayor Monroe Kiar presented an official proclamation to Todd and Jeff Delmay, Broward County residents. In the early morning hours, a mass wedding of same-sex couples took place at the Broward County Courthouse.  

 “This is truly an historic day for not just Broward County but for Florida because people are finally getting the opportunity to exercise their fundamental right to marriage.  I’m thrilled that people will now be able to share the same love and happiness that my wife and I get to enjoy every single day,” said Vice Mayor Martin David Kiar. “I’m very proud of this County Commission because in a bipartisan way we unanimously supported marriage equality when there were so many other folks that wouldn’t, and we took a public position because we believe in what’s right.”

“Florida is now the 36th state where same sex couples may legally marry.  It’s wonderful that we have so many people here for this historic occasion, and finally enjoying the marriage rights that they have had to wait so long for,” said Broward County Mayor Tim Ryan.

“We’ve lived in Broward for a very long time, almost our entire relationship. We wanted to get married, but when you go into a fight like this, you always want to make sure that everybody has got your back, and it has been such a relief and so warm and welcoming to see the Commission and our community really behind us every step of the way,” said Delmay. 

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Author: Amanda Jones

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