Broward County receives $25,000 grant to spay and neuter cats

There may be fewer stray cats in Hollywood and surrounding communities.

The Broward County Commission approved a grant that will help in the neutering and spaying of free roaming cats.

The Animal Care and Adoption Division (ACAD) received a $25,000 grant from Florida Animal Friend to fund the trap, neutering and release of cats within the zip codes of 33023, 33024 and 33025. A section of Hollywood is included in this program. It is believed that about 500 free-roaming cats will be spayed or neutered through this grant. The ACAD will monitor stray cat intake from these three zip codes to evaluate the impact of the trap, neuter and release program on reducing the number of unsterilized cats in these areas.

An earlier $25,000 grant from Florida Animal Friend resulted in 500 cats being spayed or neutered. The ACAD has been working with Florida Animal Friend on the trap, neuter and release program since August 2012. 

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Author: Amanda Jones

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